Amateur Radio Station VA2NW

Amateur Radio Autobiography

I was first licensed in the United States in November 1999 as a Technician Plus with the callsign KB1EPR. In December 2008 I upgraded to General. In February 2009 I upgraded to Amateur Extra. In May 2023 I was issued the 2x2 callsign AC1PH.

In February 2010 I passed the Canadian Basic exam with Honours and was issued the callsign VA2EPR. In September 2015 I passed the Canadian 5WPM Morse exam. In December 2022 I was issued the 2x2 callsign VA2NW.

QSL Policy

Electronic QSL cards
Uploaded periodically to:

Paper QSL Cards
Direct mail only:

Youtube Channel

I post video clips to my amateur radio channel @va2nw. The video I'm most proud of is VE2/OU-014 SOTA Activation 8/6/2011.


PB #268 / NAQCC #2846 / SKCC #4889 / Zombie #1847 / FISTS #14205 / LICW #4896


Country CANADA
Province QC (Quebec)
ARRL Section QC (Quebec)
ITU Zone 04
CQ Zone 05
Grid FN25ck